Pinya and Liwanag with the help of other puppets make the Tagalog lessons appealing to children.


Learn Tagalog (Filipino language) lessons for beginners, focusing on vocabulary on YouTube.  The lessons are taught by our puppets, Pinya and Liwanag (photo), to appeal to our youth.  We have a total of 23 lessons which started in Nov. 2018 . They are short (5 to 7 minutes).  

Philippine Folktales and Puppetmaking

Puppet shows of familiar Philippine folktales such as Ibong Adarna, Juan Tamad, Monkey and Crocodile, Monkey and Turtle (see photos at bottom) and other children stories are told in English.  Some stories have Tagalog or Visayan versions in separate video clips. We sometimes include Puppet Making series, showing how puppets were made for each folktale in separate video clips.  On our YouTube, check out Puppet Making playlist. These were past productions of Alsa Balutan America which is now Kidstale, producer of Puppetnettes videos.  Click below to check out our folktales on YouTube.

Musical Numbers (and Puppetmaking) and Slideshows

Puppet shows on Filipino contemporary and traditional music by Filipino musicians to showcase our culture.  We have also started using Latin and American music composed by Americans.  We include Puppetmaking series, showing how we strung the marionettes.  Slideshows (Chinese lantern exhibits, gingerbread houses) that may not have any Filipino motif are also shown from time to time that may spark interests in different art forms.  Click below to check them out on YouTube.


A Filipina talks about relationships and other issues relevant to Filipinos living abroad (No puppets) on YOUTUBE and LOVE BLOGS on this website.

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