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Kulintang (and Tinikling) music for Filipino dancers

Sinulog A Kamamatuan, Pangalay Ha Janggay, Sagayan, Kini Kini, Tinikling, Kasaya sa Singkil (Entrance, Main dance)

Instrumental (Background): Sinulog, Janggay, Sagayan and Kini.  Played by Tessie with loops (electronic background obviously).

Background music for Kulintang musician of FPAG

 Background (loops) music for kulintang musicians of Filipino Performing Arts Group for practice: Kini Kini (Adani), Pangalay Ha Janggay (Bolero), Singkil (Drum/Agong), Sinulog (Salsa) and Tagonggo/Adongkodongkogakit (Sagayan). NOTE:  Obviously these are just loops.  I didn't play them.

Ati Atihan music used by FPAG

Actual music used in the Ati Atihan dance instructions.  Learn the dance:  Ati Atihan

Watch our Past Performances


Our Kulintang Musicians

I (Tessie) learned to play kulintang at the age of 54 (with no musical background) (I'm 70 now, 2019).  I totally love this Southern Philippine music.  I was never a prolific musician but I volunteered to teach these four beautiful Filipino Americans to play this instrument and appreciate our culture.  (I often went to their houses so that their parents didn't have to drive to my place.) If nobody will teach them, this beautiful Philippine culture will fade away and be forgotten. Watch our young Kulintang musicians perform  on YouTube.


Southern Philippine Dances

I choreographed Southern Philippine dances (Sagayan, right photo; Kini Kini, below) that are accompanied by our young kulintang musicians.  Watch our past performances: Southern Philippine dances.  Photos courtesy of Maricar Castro.


Filipino Performing Arts Group (FPAG)

Watch more videos  of other dances (martial arts, Ati Atihan, hip hop, samba and a poem about Filipino farmworkers) on our YouTube channel:  pinoy NM.

For our May 2019 performance, click:  FPAG Santacruzan

Visit our website: pinoy-newmexico/FPAG.