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A Filipina expresses her opinions about relationships and other issues facing Filipinos living abroad, among others. The Youtube postings are supplemented by our Love Blogs here.

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Puppets: Tagalog Lessons, Philippine Folktales, Musical Numbers and Puppet Making. Also Slideshows and Dogs

Learn Tagalog (Filipino) language and enjoy our folktales and musical numbers performed by puppets on YouTube. We sometimes show how we made the puppets.  From time to time, we post videos on our dog or slideshows (such as Chinese lanterns and Gingerbread houses). Visit YOUTUBE on this website (see top) to see links to our videos on YouTube.  Visit our YouTube channel by clicking below.

Make us part of your Friday evenings (after 5 pm, mountain time, US) when we have new posts on YouTube.

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You have to load SOUNDCLOUD on your devices to listen to the music here.

All KULINTANG pieces (ONLY) can be downloaded for free as long as user includes our website:

and inform us where you will be using it. 

The Tinikiling music is not our property (the only one in the list).  We posted it here to be accessed by our Performing Group during performances.  

Check out our performances on our separate Youtube channel:  pinoy NM by clicking below.  Also, our latest performance in May 2019. Thanks.

Check out the list of music available

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